Exploring the tension between mind and matter


Daniel Schellongowski is a professional composer, photographer, aspiring film maker and Producer, based in Berlin. He creates immersive audio-visual realities that break traditional templates. His work is composed of organically interwoven entities that create associative spaces and sensitive stimuli.

Daniel studied contemporary Composition (University of Arts Berlin) and Musicology (Humboldt University Berlin). Besides contemporary score writing for music ensembles he produces music for theatre, opera and film and teaches about electronic composing & music theory.

As a DoP, photographer and producer he is complementing his set of tools working for art and corporate clients. In his own visual work he is creating metaphoric, subtle ironic worlds which are disassembling and reconstructing short moments, decades, emotions, facts and individual stories vibrating in  7,97 billions (cited 2023) of different parallel realities.

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